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Think GASP. Think Sales Productivity.

GASP™ is a registered Trade Mark of Retail Market Movers, Mumbai

Contact : Dinkar Suri, Founder &CEO, Retail Market Movers :

What is GASP™?

GASP™ is the new Sales Solution from Retail Market Movers (RMM), based on the Science of Selling & Sales Management : Generally Accepted Sales Principles.

Why GASP™?

GASP™ is geared to increasing Sales Productivity in sales teams across business sectors : Consumer, Industrial or Services.

Increasing Sales Productivity remains the No: 1 Challenge for all organisations – GASP™ is designed to resolve this through the design & implementation of a series of Sales Processes. GASP™ is customised depending on the Stage of evolution the company  – Start Up, Growth or Mature Stage, but still having a common thread in all the 3 stages.

GASP™ has been inspired by its Accounting counterpart – GAAP : Generally Accepted Accounting Principles – that are universally accepted as the Global Accounting Standard for effective Financial Reporting. GASP™ hopes to achieve a similar status in the near future for all Sales Standards.

How does GASP™ work?

GASP™ works as a set of 25 key sales processes delivered and executed on a Build-Operate-Transfer(BOT) model for any sales organisation covering :

  1. Customer Management

  2. Sales Partner Management

  3. Sales Team Management

  4. Sales Operations Management

These are the basic set of processes required to operate ANY sales organisations efficiently.

GASP™ is delivered 10% in Classroom Training & 90% at the Field/Site/Operating Centre with practical application

How does GASP™ benefit the organisation?

Think GASP™. Think Sales Productivity.

Contact Dinkar Suri on + 91 9920312717 or on for more details.

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