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The SALES OATH that all Sales Teams should take.

The concept of a “Sales Oath” is unique and uncommon but is something I recommend all sales teams should subscribe at the start of any sales initiative.

My experience is that it has an ELECTRIC effect of the team and clearly indicates how the decisions will be made.

Let me tell you WHY .

In my 35 years + in Sales, including last 7 years in the UnConsulting business working on the Science of Sales Execution I have noticed that irrespective of nationality or level or type of industries (B2C or B2B) , 95% of all salespersons by nature tend to generalise issues when faced with a sales challenge like a downturn in sales or in reaching the stretch targets that bosses impose on their teams.

Prices are either “too high” or competitors are giving “better discounts and terms” or competition is “spending more” on Customers to make them loyal or there is “not enough” product in stock to meet targets or ” competition has increased too much ” and so on as barriers to sales.

And when they are challenged on this they will just say : “Trust me , I am in the market, I know”. 

The Sales Oath takes away this conjecture and makes them focus only on HARD DATA and FACTS that are required to make the decision scientific and cuts out any conjecture – supports the Science of Sales & Execution and drives home a basic point of the sales management style being objective and data driven.

The SALES OATH is a powerful tool but rarely used. Try it for yourself.

The downside ? Well as the Boss of a sales team it also forces you to follow the same discipline ! Good Luck !

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