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How GASP is helping Entrepreneurs to Build Effective Sales Departments that Deliver Results

“GASP” is the new Science to create effective sales departments that deliver on their promises to Entrepreneurs.

At a recent Sales Workshop held on 12/1/2019 under the aegis of TiE Mumbai, Dinkar Suri, TiE Charter Member & Angel Investor introduced this concept to a team of 27 Entrepreneurs from 22 different organisations and diverse sectors as B2B,Services and B2C but each having one common goal : How can I make my Sales Department more Productive ?

GASP(Generally Accepted Sales Principles) is a proprietary sales development tool of Retail Market Movers (RMM),based on the Science of Sales Management covering :

  • Customer Management

  • Sales Partner Management

  • Sales Team Management

  • Sales Operations Management

Common problems highlighted by the participants before the Workshop were :

1.Sales Performance of the Business

2.Sales Team Productivity

3.Recruitment of Sales Personnel

During the Workshop, Dinkar Suri covered all aspects of how the deployment of GASP in their businesses would uplift sales productivity and improve the sales performance of their business in a systematic way, based on his personal examples as a CEO and case studies of RMM having dealt with diverse Customers over the past 7 years.

Dinkar Suri explained that unlike Accounting or Manufacturing, Sales is NOT seen as a Science by most sales professionals and the application of GASP can resolve this problem by a simple application of the 25+ Processes that represent the very soul of any sales organisation.

The Workshop has received rave reviews from all the participants with comments like :

  • It was an eye opener session for us and extremely impressed with the way you have structured GASP. Very Practical for brands like us … UMANG SRIVASTAVA, JT MD, CASA BRANDS PVT LTD (B2C)

  • It was an insightful session …. VIJAY TALREJA, CHARTER MEMBER & DIRECTOR, ADAPTY (B2B /SERVICES)

  • It was great learning new things as well as correlting with what we do currently . . . ANSHUL GUPTA, COUNTRY HEAD, SPROXIL (B2B/SERVICES)

Following the Workshop, 35% of the participants have expressed an interest to undertake a GASP Audit of their sales organisations as a prelude to a full fledged implementation.

Indeed they have subscribed to the motto : Think GASP. Think Sales Productivity.

To know more about how GASP can increase sales productivity and to get a GASP audit organised, please get in touch with Dinkar Suri, Founder & CEO, Retail Market Movers at +91 9920312717/

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