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GASP: Generally Accepted Sales Principles

What is GASP ?


GASP has been successfully applied since 2011 as a Sales Tool Kit across business sectors delivering enhanced:

  • Sales Productivity

  • Sales Execution

  • Customer Reach & Penetration

  • Sales Volume & Value

GASP saleskit.png

GASP: Generally Accepted Sales Principles - is a Sales Standard, developed by Dinkar Suri,  that is designed to build sales productivity and create efficient Sales Departments.

In GASP, the focus is not on the Result but the Process sanctity itself, i.e. the sales teams are encouraged to adhere to the processes that are laid down diligently so that the Result that they are seeking becomes a natural by-product.

GASP treats Sales as a Science and offers a standardized sales Tool Kit with 27 detailed Sales Processes that guarantee sales efficiency if implemented and followed up.

GASP has been implemented across ALL Business Sectors and for Ventures that are at StartUp, Growth & Mature Stages – it is truly universal in its appeal


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