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The GASP® Sales Academy has a range of Training Services that focus on the holistic development of sales organisations.


We have a range of standardised MasterClass & Workshops designed to build sales productivity. These are available as either prerecorded videos or customized programmes for Corporates covering the following :

1) GASP® Sales Toolkit

Book the Module you wish to study online using the link below or book the comprehensive 4-in-1 MasterClass 

Building Efficient Sales Organisations with GASP

FACULTY : Dinkar Suri, Manish Loomba, Sunil Haribal

The GASP® Sales Toolkit has 4 Modules :


Customer Management: Building a Differentiated Unique Value Proposition (DUVP) and acquiring Customers Profitably


Sales Partner Management: Selecting the right Sales Partner and making Sales Partners go beyond their brief


Sales Team Management: Managing Sales Teams to peak levels of productivity

Sales Operations Management: Managing sales operations with a Brutal Obsession for Sales Fundamentals

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  1. Overview of the 27 Sales Process in GASP Sales Tool Kit

  2. Details of each GASP Sales Process - the Objective, Process checklist & tool kit.

  3. Practical case studies in implementation of GASP across industry sectors

  4. Implementing GASP Sales Tool Kit in your Venture and building an efficient sales organisation


Sales Productivity & Results Improvement Training

Faculty : Sunil Haribal & Dinkar Suri

A Workshop designed to develop Front Line Selling Skills and Supervisory Skills for Sales Teams


MODULE 1 : Selling Skills Training

  1. Prospecting & Conversion

  2. Conceptual & Value Selling

  3. Presentation Skills

  4. Objection Handling

  5. Negotiation Skills

  6. Deal Closing & Referrals

MODULE 2 : Sales Management Skills

  1. Sales Funnel Management

  2. SMART Objective Setting

  3. Go-To-Market Planning

  4. Supervision & Team Building

  5. Mastering Sales execution

Contact us with your requirements for a Customised Sales Traning Programme

3) Design Thinking and Innovation

THE DESIGN THINKING WORKSHOP: Delivering Sales Innovation
Faculty: Kaustubh Dhargalkar


Design thinking is an approach that encourages businesses and organisations to consider the real people who use their products and services in their approach to growing the business. Now for the first time, The Design Thinking Toolkit is being unveiled by Dr Kaustubh Dhargalkar to lead sales innovation across any Service, Product or Sector.


Topics covered include Introduction to Design Thinking & relevance to Sales Innovation and developing Customer - centricity and a  "pull strategy" rather than "push" strategy to grow sales using the Design Thinking Toolkit.

WhatsApp Image 2022-02-01 at 1.25.46 PM.jpeg


  1. Understanding the elements of Design Thinking and Sales Process Innovation

  2. Deliver a Design Thinking Tool Kit to improve Sales Productivity, generate more Leads and Capture Meaningful market insights

  3. How to Rewire Sales Operations for sustained Results in Sales Innovation


Dates for the new session are to be announced soon

4) Performance Management & Development 

5) Developing on Site Sales Academy

GASP Training Services

Traning services
Selling skills traning
Design Thinking and Innovation
Performance management

Contact us with your requirements for a Customised Programmes to suit your requirements

This is a crucial part of building the sales team productivity and we shall be announcing our Programmes here very soon

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