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This is the founding principle on which GASP Sales Academy has been established – the fact that Sales Management is a Science and NOT an Art.


So if it is a Science, then there should be Processes and Standards which make it easily trainable.


Just like Manufacturing, R&D and Accounting where we have the universally accepted GAAP – Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. 


So the GASP Sales Academy presents :

  • GASP Sales Academy is a unique initiative to propagate AND implement the Science of building Sales Productivity 

  • The ONLY Academy  where the HOW of building an efficient sales organisation is taught AND also IMPLEMENTED in your Ventures

  • Using the proprietary Sales Tool Kit: GASP - Generally Accepted Sales Principles


GASP Sales Academy goes beyond the traditional selling skills training and gets into sales process training for a sustainable impact efficiency. 

Business Team

To build efficient sales organisations that will deliver superior Sales Results, Business Profitability & Returns to all stakeholders


Propagate GASP : Generally Accepted Sales Principles - as the Science to build & sustain enhanced sales productivity in sales organisations

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

GASP Sales Academy operates in 3 areas :

  1. Training in GASP Sales Tool Kit and Implementation

  2. Business Advisory Services for building sales efficiency

  3. SalesForce Automation Services using the GASP Principles


Details of each of these Services can be found in the individual Sections.

GASP Services

Training Services

Sales Force Automation Services

Book any of the services:
What is GASP?
Creating a DUVP : Differentiated Unique Value Proposition
How to Measure Sales Performance?
Which CRM should we choose for our Sales Organisation ?
Founder: Dinkar Suri

Dinkar Suri is a Sales Development Expert with over 39 years' of experience in Sales, Sales Management, Sales Execution and building efficient sales organisations across business sectors. He is a Charter Member of TiE, the world’s largest non-profit organisation for developing entrepreneurs and Co-Chair of the TiE Academy that delivers entrepreneurship Programmes.


Dinkar, who calls himself an UnConsultant, is passionate about propagating the Science of Sales Management and understands the current challenges in the sales eco-system very well. This has led him to develop an IP for a Sales Tool Kit - GASP: Generally Accepted Sales Principles  - that can be universally applied to any business in any sector to standardise the Sales Processes that build sales productivity and lead to an efficient sales organisation.


The GASP Sales Academy is the culmination of his dream to create a one stop shop and an Institution dedicated wholly to building sales productivity in organisations globally.

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