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GASP Sales Force Automation Services

Which CRM Should we choose for our Sales Organisation ?

Salesforce Automation (SFA) is a key factor in building sales productivity provided the Performance Dashboard picks up Leading Sales Performance Indicators.


As part of the GASP Sales toolkit, we emphasise the importance of these Leading Sales Performance Indicators (LSPI) in driving sales operations. LSPI alert the management ahead of time to any sales problems in the field so that corrective action can be taken immediately.


LSPI is based on the GASP Sales Toolkits principle that you have to follow the Process to get the Result.


After reviewing the bewildering array of SaaS-based SFAs in the market today, GASP Sales Academy has created a unique GASPcrm that tackles all the issues currently being faced by clients who want to adopt SaaS-based CRMs.


Our Sales Force Automation Services cover the following :


  • Review of the information requirements of the business and performance of the current CRM if any as per the standards of the GASP Sales Toolkit

  • Design of new GASPcrm to meet sales productivity requirements

  • Implementation and training of support staff

  • Analysis of data of the GASPcrm Dashboard with the Client to train them on optimum usage of the LSPI

The GASP Sales Toolkit recommends 20 LSPI for B2B/Services and 8 for B2C Businesses that will give a comprehensive summary of the health of the Business.


There are many Sales Reports designed on the basis of the GASP Sales Toolkit which is proprietary to GASP Sales Academy and would not be available with other CRMs. 

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