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Ask Your Mentors

Ask Your Mentors is a unique service by GASP® Sales Academy to support entrepreneurs in building efficient sales organisations with GASP®. Entrepreneurs interested in availing expert advice can use the booking option below to book a Mentor and get the necessary guidance for the sales challenges facing their business.

The operations of GASP® Sales Academy are based on GASP® - Generally Accepted Sales Principles – Sales Toolkit and it is this process that will be used to guide the entrepreneurs. Once the slot has been booked, a profile information form about the Venture has to be submitted. This information will guide the Mentor during the session and will be kept strictly confidential.

The advantages of Ask Your Mentors Programme are that the Entrepreneur/Participant gets One-to-One Mentoring assistance from the GASP® Academy Mentors who have vast experience in sales and sales development.


The following are the benefits of the Ask Your Mentors Programme for the Participant :

  • Increasing the Sales Productivity

  • Improving Sales Team Motivation

  • Building Sales Execution Skills

  • Ensuring better Operational Control

  • Increasing Customer Reach & Penetration

  • Increasing Sales Volume & Value

Do take advantage of this unique service now by booking your slot!
In case of any issues in booking the slot or if you have any queries, please contact Dinkar Suri on +91 9920312717.

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