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GASP Consulting Services

GASP Services are geared to improve business results by building sales productivity. They not only provide businesses the Mentorship & Coaching to build sales efficiency but actually IMPLEMENT them to demonstrate sustainable results


The fundamental premise on which it is based is 

You cannot DO the Sales, but you can only EXECUTE a PROCESS to ACHIEVE the Result


Building Efficient Sales Organisations with GASP is the key focus of this Service.

GASP  - Generally Accepted Sales Principles - is Sales Toolkit to build efficient sales organisations

The GASP Sales Toolkit delivers :

  • Increased the Sales Productivity

  • Improved Sales Team Motivation

  • Improved Sales Execution Skills

  • Better Operational Control

  • Increases Customer Reach & Penetration

  • Increases Sales Volume & Value

And thereby builds an efficient sales organisation

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Building Efficient Sales Organisation with GASP 

The GASP Sales Audit is a comprehensive review of any sales operation to reveal opportunities for fixing any sales productivity “leaks”. Conducted using the 27 Processes of the GASP Sales toolkit, the Audit will result in finalising the Process corrections in the sales organisation to build a more efficient operation.


The GASP Sales Audit lasts for 4-8 Weeks depending on the size of the organisation, the information being made available by the Client on their sales performance, product and customer data and market and customer visits.


The Deliverables of the Audit would be comprehensive suggestions on the KRAs needed to build sales productivity with a focus on the low hanging fruit for immediate implementation. These will be highlighted in the final report though the overall direction of these would be clear at the mid way point of the Audit Process 

We will then design 1 or more Pilots to implement the KRAs on a small scale in a particular area or territory to showcase the sales productivity improvements that are possible.

At this stage, the Client can opt to manage the Pilot themselves or ask us to co-ordinate the Project. That is when we transit to the next stage of Build-Operate-Transfer


The BOT project is a natural continuation of the GASP Sales Audit where the GASP Sales Academy team works with the Client to IMPLEMENT the recommendations of the Audit. The objective is to SHOW the Client’s team how the Sales Toolkit is to be implemented and monitored to achieve the KRAs for building sales productivity.

This process starts with the implementation of the Pilot that has been designed in Stage 1 which usually lasts for 3 months to get meaningful Results. These are then analysed and a company wide implementation Plan is then prepared for a roll out.


The BOT Phase will last from 6 – 12 months, post the Pilot Implementation depending on the requirements of the Business. During the BOT Phase, we work closely with the Sales Operations team at the Client to train them. The idea is that the GASP® Sales Academy team will not be permanently embedded at the Client but only long enough to implement and hand over the GASP Sales Toolkit.


In this phase, we work with existing and new sales resources, strengthening them if required to ensure that the productivity gains are sustainable.

The GASP Sales Toolkit has successfully built efficient sales organisations using the above technique, across various Sectors and Industries. To know more about how we this UnConsulting Service can help your organisation contact us today !


Our Clients

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