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As a CEO, my secret wish always was : “I wish we could grow the Sales Turnover & Business Profitability more quickly as per Plan”

And that would start a race amongst the Sales Team to chase the Target at any cost. Many shortcuts used to be taken, most of them not sustainable in the long term…


We would see quarters with great performance followed by new lows in Sales..

30% of the Team would be delivering 70% Results and for the balance 70% Team , sales productivity would be low, affecting both Turnover & Profitability

Sales Training and Selling Skills Programs did have an impact but could not stop low sales performance with traditional low performers

What was needed was a comprehensive Sales Development Initiative that could holistically and systematically Assess, Diagnose and PLUG the sales productivity leakages in sales operations on a sustainable basis, so that improved sales productivity across the Team would deliver sustainable Business Growth & Profits

An initiative that coached the sales team to always follow the Process to achieve the Result and not just chase the Result blindly and provided continuous On-The-Job Coaching

At GASP Sales Academy I have been able to bring to the table some innovative concepts that facilitate building sales productivity, growing the turnover and delivering higher business profitability .. Let me take you through these Services and you can decide which is the one you would like to work with.

Warm Regards

Dinkar Suri

Founder : GASP® Sales Academy

  • GASP Sales Academy is a unique initiative to propagate AND implement the Science of building Sales Productivity 

  • The ONLY Academy  where the HOW of building an efficient sales organisation is taught AND also IMPLEMENTED in your Ventures

  • Using the proprietary Sales Tool Kit: GASP - Generally Accepted Sales Principles


Business Team

To build efficient sales organisations that will deliver superior Sales Results, Business Profitability & Returns to all stakeholders


Propagate GASP®: Generally Accepted Sales Principles - as the Science to build & sustain enhanced sales productivity in sales organisations

Looking Up at Skyscrapers

GASP Sales Academy has 3 Services in its offering :

  1. SPARK : Sales Productivity Acceleration and Resource Kit

  2. SPRINT : Sales Productivity & Results Improvement Training

  3. SPEAR : Strategic Planning & Execution for Achieving Results


Details of each of these Services can be found in the individual Sections.

Book any of the Services:

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Founder : Dinkar Suri

Dinkar Suri has over 40 + years’ experience in Sales Development and has been CEO and Sales Director for many organisations in India & GCC. He brings with him a wealth of experience in managing sales organisations for effective results. For over a decade now since 2010, Dinkar  has been researching and mentoring Founders and CXOs fulfilling their secret wish: “I wish my sales teams could be more productive….”.
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